It’s gonna be a tough week.

I hate today, and tomorrow. Its “BACK TO SCHOOL” which included about a thousand back to school posts, “look at how big he/she has gotten”, first day of school photos, and so forth.

I’m sitting here looking at my cats and wondering if I should call a groomer. I’m fighting a headache that is actually a migraine but I can’t use the “M word” at work because the peanut gallery said I’m making it up and if it were “real” I’d not be at work.  (hello there are different kinds of migraines and they can be of different a severity between people and even between causes and so forth…  But I digress) I’m tired because the headache (aka migraine) was triggered by getting dehydrated cutting grass yesterday and I was up every few hours drinking water and then up again to pee several times in the night.  Ok, I’m whining now. Sorry about that.

Back to where I started. I hate first day of school posts.  I have friends on Facebook that span several counties and states.  And magically enough they all have different start dates.  They all remind me right now of what I can never be: A mom.

Oh I could adopt (If I had 50,000 and was a tad younger and lost a 100 lbs) or I could keep plugging away at infertility treatments that the hubby’s infertility urologist said were a waste of time and money, or I could get into foster care and possibly fail and ruin a kids life because I can’t handle the pressure the system puts on foster parents by not getting the kids what they need…..  There are options.  *rolls eyes*

Right now I’ll just whine a bit and wait for the week to simmer down. In the meantime I’ll get my self mentally ready for the new boss we are getting at work, whom ever that may be.


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