What If We Just Traveled The World?

What if we just traveled the world?  What if when we discover that we can’t have kids at all, and we decide to take world wide trips? What if we just decided to do something different and try to put this behind us.

I’m not sure how we’d afford these trips, but its nice to imagine that we could and would go awesome places. I want to lay foot on every continent.

Can you even go to Antarctica?

Some grand plan I have, huh?  Since I cant have babies Im going to save up my money and every few years take a crazy trip.

Well it is something to think about to distract me from the rest of reality.


Letting It All Soak In

So the urologist visit went ok, I guess.  The Dr. complemented me on not being a moron, in so many words, so there is that.  And they gave the hubby some medicine to help (maybe they said) make the count higher and healthier.  Another check will be in three months.
Then we talked about my having PCOS and my age.  The Dr. pretty much said, in so many words, IVF was our option and I needed to get to the reproductive specialist at once, because time is of the essence.  Yea. I know.

We have decided to wait to see what the sperm count says first, then we will decide what to do about me.  There is no sense moving forward if there is no good sperm, or not enough to matter if I take clomid.  We literally can not afford much more, and now with the hubbys car on the blitz (it waited until we booked a non refundable trip) money is even tighter.

So we have limited choices because we have limited funds.

Don’t get all spastic and tell me if I don’t have the money to do the IVF and if money is tight we shouldn’t have a baby.  Money is tight because of all the medical stuff, and who do you know that has 30k-70k (the plausible cost of several IVF treatments) laying around?  I mean, lets be real. But then again, if I had that kind of money I’d just go all out and try the IVF.

Limited funds = limited choices.

How fair is that?